SOM Sport

Unified sports management system

Fortis Labor
UX/UI Design, Development
Figma, Angular, PHP Laravel


SOM Sport

The SOM Sport is Management Platform, developed in collaboration with Fortis Labor, revolutionizes sports management. It streamlines club operations, tracks athlete performance, and facilitates seamless communication. This includes improved coach-athlete and coach-parent communication, along with streamlined interactions with financial institutions. This comprehensive solution enhances success and satisfaction across the entire sports spectrum.


Each Sports Management Platform has its strengths and weaknesses. Some may lack essential features, while others can be burdened with unnecessary complexities. Balancing functionality is key for optimal sports management.


Creating a Sports Management Platform faces challenges like complex data integration, scalability for a growing user base, and the need for robust security measures. Balancing customization with a standardized structure is also crucial, providing flexibility for diverse club needs while enhancing the user experience.


Optimizing Sports Management

Our system employs multi-tenancy, ensuring efficient service for diverse users within the sports management platform. This design allows various clubs and organizations to operate seamlessly, optimizing resources and providing a unified yet tailored experience for each tenant.


The platform

SOM Sport is an inclusive platform for clubs, kids, professional athletes, and cities. Streamlining club operations, supporting kids’ progress tracking, and enhancing professional athletes’ performance, it offers a comprehensive solution. With features extending to cities, it ensures an efficient and engaging sports experience for everyone involved, from individuals to entire communities.


In SOM Sport, feature analytics involves evaluating and optimizing functionalities for clubs, kids, athletes, and cities. This includes streamlining club operations, supporting kids’ progress tracking, and enhancing athlete performance.


Efficiently monitor memberships and payments to optimize user experience for clubs, kids, parents, athletes, and cities. This involves streamlined tracking of membership details and payment transactions, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free process. Making membership and payment management precise and easy improves the sports experience for individuals and communities.


Debts preview in sports management systems entails assessing outstanding financial obligations, providing users with a preview of pending commitments and dues. This feature promotes transparency and accountability, enabling proactive management of financial responsibilities within the system.


Monitoring income, expenses, and finance analytics in sports management is vital for understanding financial transactions, tracking income sources, and optimizing resources. It promotes clarity, informs decision-making, and ensures proactive financial management, contributing to the long-term success of sports organizations.


Monitoring athlete numbers, groupings, and club finances in sports management is crucial for comprehensive oversight. Generating reports on athlete distribution across clubs and within groups offers insights into performance dynamics. Examining club finances through reports ensures transparency and informed decision-making, fostering proactive financial management.


The results

In summary, robust monitoring of athlete numbers, groupings, and club finances in sports management is essential for informed decision-making and sustainability. These concise reports offer insights into distribution and financial health, fostering transparency and optimization of resources. Such commitment to efficient monitoring is integral to the success and growth of the sporting community.

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