Exclusive Team for Software Development

Interested in growing your team of design or development professionals?

Advantages of Employing a Exclusive and Dedicated Development or design Team


Agile development

Our Developers are experienced in working with Scrum framework – continuous iteration and testing throughout the project lifecycle.


Project Management

Our Project Managers undergo training and are poised to assist you in implementing the latest practices within your organizational processes.


HR & Talent management

You can concentrate solely on your product without the need for an HR department. Let us handle the rest, as we take care of end-to-end recruitment and employee satisfaction processes.


Taking Existing Products

Our engineers possess expertise in managing projects burdened by “Technical debt.” We initiate the process by conducting a thorough examination of your existing codebase through a comprehensive code review. Following this, we recommend suitable updates, migrations, and other necessary actions.


Scalable Infrastructure

If you require a scalable and secure infrastructure, our DevOps team is ready to assist. We cover a range of technologies, including Docker, AWS, Azure, event-driven architecture, and more.

Trust Endorsed by Worldwide Brands

For over 18 years, our diverse team of experts has successfully assisted major companies such as King ICT and UniCredit, among others.

How Do We Build Your Exclusive Team?



The discovery aims to comprehend your business objectives and your clients’ requirements, enabling us to identify the type of team necessary to accomplish them.


Job specification

Collaboratively, we articulate comprehensive job specifications for every team candidate, along with all the resources needed for effective team management.


Candidate selection

You will be provided with a roster of candidates along with their resumes. These individuals possess distinct skills, relevant experiences, and firsthand knowledge that align with your project requirements and expectations.



Every candidate you choose has the opportunity to undergo an interview with either our HR or Tech Team, ensuring alignment with your specific requirements.



We encourage for our clients to arrange meetings between the Dedicated Team and their employees, allowing the team to gain insights into your company’s culture.



The Exclusive Team seamlessly integrates into your existing team structure, providing monthly or daily reports on their activities, participating in standup calls, video calls, and more.

We Use Standard Tools

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