Gamification of WW2 tank replicas

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Iron bull

Iron Bull, a visionary Croatian startup specializing in remote-controlled replicas of World War II tanks, sought to enhance its operational efficiency and customer engagement. To achieve this, they collaborated with our software development company to implement a suite of solutions, including a presentation website, a robust reservation logic system, live score functionality for TV displays, and on-site tablet reservations.


1. Engagement Enhancement: The need to enrich the overall experience for both players and spectators.
2. Operational Efficiency: Streamlining the reservation process and match management for Iron Bull’s unique gaming environment.


Iron Bull’s gameplay centers on historical tank battles using remote-controlled replicas with a sensor system. Two teams of 12 players each engage in hour-long battles for control over Arracourt, with tanks representing the German or American fleet. Players work in pairs to control movement and firepower, with tanks firing 6mm plastic bullets up to 70 meters. The automated loading system allows up to 40 bullets per round, creating a realistic and strategic World War II tank warfare experience.


The system

Iron Bull’s design ensures seamless communication between subsystems, optimizing performance. Adaptive game modes, balanced teams, and easy bookings create diverse experiences. Live-tracked results and player stats empower confident decision-making.


The Ironbull system comprises various interconnected subsystems that necessitate synchronized communication. By examining the provided graph, distinct subsystems come to light, including the public website, user gameplay arena, system administration, game processor, and TV terminal. While each system functions as an independent component, the seamless and timely communication between these components is imperative for optimal system performance.


Iron Bull’s versatility shines through its adaptive game mode scripting, allowing for a unique experience in every match. The dynamic gameplay script accommodates various game modes, ensuring each challenge offers a distinct encounter. Teams are meticulously balanced, thanks to an automatic numerical equalization system. Additionally, the adaptive nature of the system tailors the duration of the game to meet specific requirements, seamlessly incorporating more rounds when necessary. This strategic approach minimizes waiting times, optimizing the overall gaming experience for participants.


Appointments at Iron Bull can be booked either on in-gameplay tablets or online. Registration requires creating a new account or using an existing one. Players choose their desired tank, with two participants registered for each selection, ensuring a quick and easy reservation process, whether on-site or online. Additionally, players have the option to make a pre-booking online and conveniently confirm their reservation through the same platform.


The coordination of game events seamlessly blends automation with manual precision. While the system diligently adheres to a schedule and automates various processes, the capable employee holds the reins for manual adjustments. This includes team modifications, preparation for game kick-off, determination of the number of rounds, and overall readiness. The employee efficiently manages reservations, ensuring all players are accounted for, verifying payments, and addressing any discrepancies. During the game, they mark attendees, track bookings, and possess the capability to address unforeseen challenges, such as turning off malfunctioning equipment or swiftly halting the game if needed. This balanced approach ensures smooth operations and an optimal gaming experience for all participants.


At Iron Bull, game results and progress are live-tracked on the website or in the game room, and these statistics are seamlessly integrated into each player’s account details. Players can monitor every attack, damage, and HP status of individual tanks and the team, while robust statistics such as player rank, total points, games played, kills, and rounds provide a dynamic overview of the action in real-time, all within the personalized context of their individual gaming accounts.


The results

Iron Bull, at the forefront of gaming innovation, redefines excitement with World War II tank replicas. Through our strategic partnerships, we have played a pivotal role in creating a visually engaging website, simplified booking, and dynamic gameplay, offering an immersive experience. Live player stats, along with a personal touch, make Iron Bull a beacon of gaming evolution and historical adventure. We are proud to be a part of this groundbreaking journey, contributing to the immersive and thrilling world that Iron Bull has created.