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Dostava-app streamlines order distribution for delivery services by connecting shippers, couriers, and recipients in one platform. Efficient collaboration ensures seamless processing, tracking, and delivery for a harmonized logistics experience.


Designing an intuitive and user-friendly interface for both shippers and couriers while maintaining functionality and efficiency can be challenging. Balancing the needs of different user groups and ensuring ease of use for all parties involved is essential.


1. Technical Complexity: Developing a robust and scalable architecture to handle high volumes of data and transactions is crucial.
2. Scalability: As the platform grows and handles more orders, ensuring scalability becomes critical. Building a scalable infrastructure that can handle increasing user traffic, data volume, and feature enhancements is essential for long-term success.
3. Logistics Challenges: Dealing with the complexities of logistics, real-time tracking, and managing delivery schedules.


Visual identity

The name “Dostava-app” was carefully chosen to reflect the core purpose of the app – facilitating and efficient delivery services. Dostava is croatian word that translates to “delivery” or “shipment”. It’s a concise and memorable name emphasizing the app’s commitment to reliable and timely deliveries.


The logo for Dostava-app is crafted with simplicity in mind, featuring the modern font FK Display. Notably, between the words ‘Dostava’ and ‘app,’ a dash has been artfully transformed into an arrow, symbolizing the seamless movement of goods from one point to another. Moreover, the last letter ‘a’ in ‘Dostava’ and the first ‘a’ in ‘app’ are highlighted in orange, directing attention to the core concept of delivery. This minimalist yet impactful design encapsulates the essence of the app’s functionality – facilitating efficient and reliable deliveries.





Concept development

Our delivery app seamlessly integrates clients, orders, drivers, and tracking features for streamlined operations. Clients have detailed profiles, and orders are uniquely identified for efficient tracking. Real-time tracking updates are available for assigned orders, and users can customize reports for efficient data analysis.


Clients are central to our operations, with detailed profiles including VAT, names, and addresses. Our platform simplifies order creation and management, providing users with comprehensive client details and order history.


Orders in our delivery app, whether created or imported, are uniquely identified and contain essential details such as sender, receiver, origin, destination, status, and shipment specifications, facilitating efficient tracking and management.


In our delivery system, orders are assigned to drivers along with specific addresses for delivery. Drivers receive a list of selected orders tailored to their route, occasionally allowing for segmentation to designate the next destination. This ensures efficient route planning and delivery for each driver.


Drivers, internal or external, manage deliveries using our app. Profiles include basic details like name, email, and contact number. Scanning QR codes displays their delivery list, with shipments marked green or red upon scanning for easy tracking.


Our tracking feature enables users to enter the order number on the tracking page and instantly view live updates on the shipment’s current location and status. Each scan by the driver triggers automatic updates to the status and location, providing real-time visibility throughout the delivery process.


In the report section, users can customize their reports by selecting parameters such as report type, order number, or date range. For instance, users can generate reports specific to each driver, tailoring the information to their needs. This flexibility allows for efficient data retrieval and analysis, empowering users to gather insights relevant to their operations.


The results

In conclusion, we addressed the challenges by prioritizing functionality and efficiency in our user-friendly interface for shippers and couriers. We developed a scalable architecture to handle high volumes of data, implemented real-time tracking, and optimized delivery schedules. Our solution integrates comprehensive client profiles, streamlined order management, efficient route planning, and customizable reporting, ensuring transparency and efficiency throughout the delivery process.

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