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Remote Monitoring for Post-Cardiac Surgery Care

Verso Altima
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Pulsevita is a remote patient monitoring application designed to track a patient’s condition post-cardiac surgery. It utilizes a smartwatch to measure vital signs, and the collected data is presented to physicians through our custom-designed interface.


The problem addressed by Pulsevita is the logistical hurdle faced by doctors needing to examine all patients in one location for efficient monitoring post-cardiac surgery. This traditional method limits the flexibility and scalability of patient care, requiring patients to be physically present for examination.


The development of Pulsevita presented challenges in ensuring accurate and timely data collection from smartwatches, as well as seamlessly integrating with the existing Israeli “Cardiac sense” system to provide comprehensive monitoring capabilities for post-cardiac surgery patients.



Pulsevita, a name derived from “pulse” and “vita,” embodies vitality and life. The name is fitting for an app designed to monitor patients post-heart surgery, providing essential support and tracking their recovery journey.


Complementing this, we have crafted a logo featuring the letter P intertwined with a heart inside a red cross, reflecting our commitment to heart health and care.

Pulsevita symbolizes the heartbeat of life, offering a comprehensive tool for patients to manage their health and well-being during the critical post-operative period.


The final product

We designed Pulsevita to be intuitive for doctors, with optimized information architecture and user flow for efficient navigation of patient data, empowering confident decision-making and high-quality care.


In Pulsevita, the superadmin can create hospitals, each functioning as a separate system with its own administrators, patients, employees, and patient groups. This allows for tailored management within each hospital, optimizing patient care and organizational workflows.


In the app, users have a section called “My Patients” where they can quickly review their assigned patients’ latest measurements and alerts. This feature streamlines monitoring and enables efficient management of patient care, allowing users to swiftly access each patient’s profile if they notice any unusual findings.


In Pulsevita, some measurements come directly from smartwatches, while others are entered manually by patients. These include weight, atrial fibrillation, blood pressure, pulse rate, respiratory rate, body temperature, SpO2, and heart rate. Doctors can view each measurement’s trend, value, and precise time of the last update within a patient’s profile, enabling informed decision-making in patient care.


The app includes charts for certain measurements like SpO2, blood pressure, and respiratory rate, allowing users to access detailed values on an hourly basis. Users have the flexibility to select either daily or weekly views, providing a thorough analysis of patient health trends. This feature empowers healthcare providers to monitor vital sign fluctuations accurately, aiding in informed decision-making and personalized patient care strategies.


Each measurement within the system is associated with personalized thresholds set by the doctor when creating the patient profile. If a measurement falls outside of these thresholds, the system automatically generates alerts. In the patient’s profile, users can access a detailed view of each alert type, including the timestamp, measured value, and corresponding threshold.


The results

The shift in approach by PulseVita, with doctors now following patients rather than the other way around, has solved the problem with post-operative care, making monitoring patients after surgery easier and facilitating timely treatment decisions. With real-time access to patient data, PulseVita enables proactive care tailored to individual needs, resulting in improved outcomes for cardiac surgery patients. We are proud to have been an integral part of this transformative process.

Next work

Developing an app for order distribution and delivery management

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